Friday , December 14th 2018
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Eufy RoboVac 11: The advanced auto bot system for cleaning your place

Eufy RoboVac 11

Technology is raising day by day, and people are getting the benefit of the scientific advancement in a innovative pattern. Who could possible think of inventing the Robotic vacuum cleaner? An extraordinary machine-like robot is also the gift of technology, and now it is using the vacuum technology. Are you getting tired of cleaning your place yourself? Try the Eufy RoboVac 11 and enjoy the automated robotic cleaning.

Main features

The vacuum bot is circular in design. The height of the Eufy cleaner is 3 inch, and diameter of the circular portion is 13 inch. It is flatter and wider than other auto bots which is more comfortable for cleaning the low space like under the furniture, TV stands, table, couches, etc.

The vacuum robot is unique with its design and dark charcoal color. There is a square button system on top of the bot and silver logo of the Eufy as well. The top part is very smooth which is tempered glass finished. Weight is lighter than other bots,and weighs only 5.8 pounds.

The removable dustbin is fitted in the back side of the vacuum robot, overpowering unit like socket and power switches is placed on the right side. The robot has 11 infrared sensors which have been protected with the bumper in the front. Apart from that, the bot contains swivel wheel, two treads, roller brush, drop sensor, charging pin and two side brushes.

There are accessories in the box of the cleaning bots, and those are necessary for running the machine. You can control the robot with a remote where it can be maneuvered in auto mode and manual mode access. There is a benefit of the auto cleaning bot. You can run the machine with schedule timing of cleaning with a timer settings. There are four options in the remote which is edge mode, max mode, spot cleaning and single mode.

Why should people buy it?

Rather than other robots, the Eufy RoboVac 11 is more powerful and dedicated to clean a single particle of dust like hair, foods, debris and much more. It can go in any lower part of the household area, and clean it properly and doesn’t make any disturbance in the atmosphere.

The best part of the cleaning robot is it can sense all the obstacles in its way, and it can free itself automatically if it stuck anywhere. The robot works silently that nobody can notice the machine while it is in cleaning mode. The robot can clean the area up to 100 minutes when it is fully charged for 6 hours. When the charge gets low, it will quietly go back to the charging dock itself like a good baby.


  • Cleans every corner of floor well
  • Better cleaning for the lower part of the household area like under the sofa etc
  • Operate in both auto and manual mode a blissful feature
  • Power consumption is lesser
  • Unique design and control settings
  • Avoids obstacles and navigates automatically.
  • Can operate from time to time with the scheduler settings.


  • Not good for black carpet or dark floor cleaning because of its infrared sensor.
  • Users reported that it can’t sense the cleaned place in auto mode.