Thursday , January 17th 2019
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Want to buy a vacuum cleaner? Try advanced Dyson Ball Multi-floor Upright Vacuum cleaner

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Corded Vacuum

When you think of cleaning your place, you need it to be clean and  dust free. Every one dreams of  getting doing with the cleaning chores effortlessly right? Well in that case the best option to choose is the Dyson Ball Multi-floor Upright Vacuum for better cleaning purpose. This machine is very much easy to handle and convenient to use.

This is new technology vacuum machine which is under the norms of EU power limit. The machine is very much smaller, quieter, lighter and comfortable to use. This Dyson cleaner came with the concept of ball cleaner technology and is said to be one of the best eco-vacuum machines in the world.

Main features

This machine has a lot of advantages over the other vacuum cleaner where it works with light ball mechanism. The vacuum or suction power of the motor is very much high and build with superb engineering technology. The feature of the vacuum machine is awesome if you consider its power range of 700W.

In the market, there are vacuum cleaners which are powered by much wattage range, comparing to them, this 700W motorized vacuum cleaner consumes only 28kWh in a year, and that is much cheaper than others. Coming to the design part, Dyson cleaner has advanced Radial Root Cyclone technology that is a top ratter dust emitted system which has multiple cyclones to control the airflow and suck the allergens and dust in the storage bin.

With this process, the cleaner’s filter need not much strain and stays for the long time period. You need two washable filters for lifetime usage. One filter is fitted in the middle portion of the Cyclone gubbins. Another filter is housed in the ball part. First of all, you need to unscrew the nut form wheel hub and remove the half-wheel and then remove the filter by rotating it.

If you want to remove the bin, then you just need to push a button,and the flap will open which are in the bottom of the bin. Floor head is another part of the light ball technology with abrush-bar roller. The cleaning process is very easy. When you rotate the cap, the head will slide out. There is a button by which you can control the suction level of the cleaner.

  • Lowest level is to airflow from the top vents
  • Middle level is for the carpet like place
  • Maximum level is to suction from the floor parts.

Why should people buy it?

This vacuum cleaner is very much easy to handle,and the controlling unit is very much easy to access. The machine sounds up to 65 dB which is quite commendable and quiet. This model is much quieter than its predecessors. The machine is not more than 10 kg in weight, and that is the benefit as the user can carry it easily to all areas of the apartment or office.


  • Cleans the hard floor impressively
  • Friendly and effective cleaning of carperts
  • Does edge cleaning effortlessly
  • Has a good reach to any part of the house in terms of cleaning
  • Powerful suction at the same time eco friendly
  • Peacefully quieter than it predecessor models
  • Consumes lesser power


  • No tools for Pets related vacuuming